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Chelsea Krieger  November 20, 2013

Fashion Icon: Carrie Bradshaw

How could you not take style tips from someone who says,"I like my money right where I can see it. . .hanging in my closet." Sex in the City's, Carrie Bradshaw gave the best advice and had a closet to envy! 

I was always so envious of how Carrie was so free in all aspects of her life! She expressed herself consistently through her writing, appearance and personality! She is definitely that friend to go to when needing advice on dating or what to wear to an event. Her bold, youthful, and fun personality shined through her layers of accessories and perfectly tamed tresses. 


There is no such thing as too much; dress how you feel! If you feel great with a neck full of pearls or the most outrageous fur on, rock it with confidence! Carrie's signature look is nothing without her quirky accessories! 

Carrie was definitely a fan of keeping it girly and had a closet full of dresses and skirts! No matter the style she found a way to make them glamorous for her everyday adventures in the concrete jungle. Come on there is a young girl who wants to play dress up in all of us! 

Recreate Carrie's classic tutu look by choosing modern pieces that can be worn from work to cocktails!

Try a spin on the tutu skirt with this leather skirt with tutu interior from Piperlime.com paired with a cream blazer and nude tank top from Revolveclothing.com ! Finish the look off with a great messenger bag like this one from NastyGal.com!

A girl's best friend is her shoes. The great thing about those heels you splurged on last weekend is you won't ever have to worry about never wearing them again, because we all know when we see a pair of shoes we haven't seen in a while in our closet we fall in love with them all over again! Once you've invested in shoes you can bet that it will be a lifetime relationship! 

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