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Meghan   November 21, 2013

"Over" the Top

Heading back to the 1990's where overall were all the rage, and grunge was the trendiest trend in town. This season's overalls aren't as grunge looking anymore and can actually be made quite chic and ready for business and play!

The Prep: Try the overalls with a button up blouse that has a cute collar or even a cashmere sweater will do. Or maybe a cashmere sweater over the blouse with the collar sticking out and the overalls over the sweater.! (Even better) Add simple pearls for a sophisticated look, and of course cute booties of your choice.

The Glamazon: Try the overalls with either a fur vest or jacket over the top. Chunky booties with heels (of course.!) and lots of gold accessories. a top knot for your hair and awesome shades and you are ready for a day out on the town.

The Grunge Rocker: Combat boots, tube socks, thrifted sweater and beanie is all you need. Add some Ray bands and no one will think twice if you're ready to party.! 

Frankie B. As You Are Overalls $298.00

Roll With It Overalls $78.00

Tripp NYC Brix Overalls $88.00

Motel Edie Denim Jumpsuit in Blue $120.00

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