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Katie Maloney  November 21, 2013

The Color Pop Lip

You may have noticed that most of my looks include a pop of color in the form of lipstick. Why? Because a dash of pretty lipstick can transform any look, often reflecting the mood of your outfit choice, whether it's confident or playful.

This season makes no exception for bright, bold lips through so many different colors and shades that it is almost impossible for you not to have a favourite, but it is even more exciting that the season has bought some new experimental lipstick looks, too!

So, what colors should you play with this season and how can they be worn?

Racy Red

Shades of red should be the statement piece of any girl's make up bag for every season! It is probably the most popular color lipstick out there as it has the ability to transform any look whether it be an LBD or a casual day look. This color represents old Hollywood glamour to most, but remember this color is not just sexy, but actually reflects a bold, confident woman! This color is the most wearable so be sure to team it with black, white, prints, red or any other deep jewel tones (think navy and emerald green).

Juicy Orange

Orange is such a fun interesting color to use on the lips this season, although a lot less wearable than classic red. Red may represent the more confident woman, but orange offers a playful touch to a woman's make up, especially when the rest of the make up is kept natural. There are two types of orange to choose from here; coral and bright orange, but ensure that both shades are kept matte for a more flattering look! If you're feeling more playful with your look you may choose to team a brighter orange lip with a sunny yellow dress, but for a safer look why not match a coral lip with a black or red.

Bold Berries

Berry shades can offer a deeper, more intense look and may vamp up an outfit, and although it can be worn for most occasions, it can actually be a great alternative for the more traditional sexy red shades making it great for a club or date outfit! In fact, berry shades are a lot more subtle than the bold red by creating a more edgy look, maybe even a bit more mysterious than the obvious red option. With this said it can always be adopted to suit other occasions like casual or work, but colors it works best with include black, white, pinks, jewel tones and, of course, other berry shades!

Pretty Pinks

This is the best color to show off your girly, feminine side, with every shade of pink being acceptable this season it means that it has become a lot more wearable! And what makes this color even better is that it is suitable for any occasion, whether you're wearing pink, black, blue or berry shades! Pink is a very youthful color to apply, so if you want to have even more fun with your look then team it with more bright colors, like in the look below.

And also, as a general rule this season try and match your lips to your nails, like with this set from www.revolveclothing.com:

And if that's not enough inspiration for you see below for some pretty cool ways of experimenting with your lipstick even more!


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