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Meghan   December 3, 2013

Puffer Vests

Since Men are typically bigger than women they tend to produce more body heat and in which case do not need as much artificial warmth as females do. Which is why the puffy vest is the go to item this winter season. 

Not only is the vest trendy, but one can rock it with just about any outfit possible. 

If you are an athlete or Preppy guy: Try your puffer vest with fitted jeans, and a crew neck sweatshirt. Add a winter hat and you will be able to fight the cold like no other. Don't forget your Man Uggs or Moccasins, they help keep your feet warm and wet free.!

If you are the Business man: Try a dress shirt or button up shirt with a V-neck sweater and your dark jeans. Add a Gucci or Armani belt to help bring class to such a laid back look. Slide on your dress shoes and you are set to go.

If you are the Hipster/Grunge Dude: Try a flannel shirt under the vest and add a snap back for the trend to be complete. Wear your favorite fitted jeans and combat boots or worker boots and you are set to go.! 

Penfield Outback Vest $150.00

Penfield Outback Vest $150.00

Scotch & Soda Outdoor Vest $189.00 $169.99

Diesel Wemil Vest $278.00

Penfield Outback Vest $150.00

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