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MaryFrances Duggins  December 4, 2013

Christmas Gift's Under $100

Christmas is coming! Save money while shopping for gifts!

It's the beginning of December and Christmas is coming faster than you think! Get ready to give gifts to your friends and family with some cute and fashionable choices. Look on some store's websites and you'll see they even have a "Gifts" section to help give you ideas!

Be festive and warm (even beyond the Christmas season) with this Bow Sweater that's too cute to pass up as a great gift!

This Dot Print Clutch can fit just what you need for leaving the house, and the pattern is cute!

Who has time to paint their nails when you have these Hollywood Midnight Gradient Nail Wraps? Perfect for the person who's always on the go and doesn't have time to wait for the drying process.

A little boho look is always great. This Krishna Pouch works as a clutch, cosmetic case, or whatever you need to put some smaller items in, plus it's colorful and unique!

Rose gold is in, and it can go with anything! This Nixon Time Teller watch is a great steal if you're looking for a great staple gift for someone who wants a timeless (no pun intended) piece.

Plaid is a great standard pattern and looks good on the guys too! This Vans Birch Shirt has a nice darker background for a winter feel.

Of course everyone gets cold, and guys will too! A hat is a useful gift for a guy because it will actually keep him warm AND give him some spice to his outfit. This Teamster Beanie is a standard winter hat, but the name design gives it a twist.

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