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Rhian Dixon  December 6, 2013

It's Christmas Time!

It's officially Christmas! That means turkey dinner, ginger bread men and a hot cocoa by the fire place. Here I will show the must haves you will need to make your Christmas extra special. 

1. Knitwear
As a wise woman (Patsy Stone, Absolutely Fabulous) once said "You can't have too many hats, gloves or shoes" and during this winter period gloves and scarves are not just accessories, they're a must!! Try and avoid the the mid-season sniffles by wrapping up warm and toasty wherever you go! If you want to look extra fashionable, this season must wear headgear is the beanie, which is constantly sported on the head of British supermodel Cara Delevingne.

2. Christmas Jumper 
Nothing beats a good jumper during the winter season to keep you warm during those cold Christmas nights. The thicker the better! And of course you will also have to purchase the 'Christmas Jumper'. In the case of the 'Christmas Jumper' the more outrageous the better! Decorate your Christmas jumper as you would your christmas tree: a lot!

Boots are a must have during the winter season! You cannot walk around wearing a pair of sandals can you?! A fashion tip: pair your boots with some thick knee high socks! Identify your Christmas outfit. Style yourself with the latest fashion, straightlaced boots, and use high knee socks for ultimate affection

4. Chic Decorations
Remember, the decorations are not just for the tree, as you can see below placing decorations such a baubles and tinsel here and there can make your house appear more christmassy and also very chic.

5. Hot Chocolate

An obvious MUST during the Christmas season! The best way to make a special hot chocolate is to place the marshmallows in the latte cup first, pour the hot chocolate on top, add whip cream the pour some white chocolate on top of the cream and for the final touch some chocolate powder! 

If you're not a big fan of Christmas cake then why not attempt one of these sinful dishes!


Remember to leave out cookies for Santa! But don't just put some plain cookies out. Give your cookies a touch of Christmas magic like these!

Merry christmas Everyone!!

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