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Beatrice   May 19, 2013

Rest Your Feet

Finally a shoe trend that my feet are cheering for, it’s about time they had a rest. After Isabel Marant initiated the trend with her wedge hi-tops (driving editors and the fashion pack wild) the fashion sneaker trend has evolved.  

Now we aren’t just looking for bespoke fashion sneakers but it has suddenly transformed trusty, comfortable and, dare I speak the word, functional sneakers in to a style driven choice. New Balance and a variety of Nike shoes seem to be the resounding favorites, now not only worn with sports kits but with jeans, dresses, shorts, quite frankly with everything!

I love my heels and uncomfortable flats that look so amazing, but it is nice to be able to rest my feet in something made for walking.

For some more ideas and inspiration on how to create some outfits with sneakers, check out these looks by LOOKSIMA stylists Elisa, Jodie, and Kathleen .

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