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John   29 years old


Can someone tell me what tie color would go with this shirt?

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Elisa Zaccaria
August 22, 2013
Dear John, it depends on the color of your pants, but more than other it depends how you want to be. It's a funny color shirt and I think that is better if you wear a polka dot... like this for example.
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Marian Nachmia
London, UK
August 16, 2013
John, it really depends on the color of your pants that you plan to wear this shirt with.If it is grey or black then the tie should be something like Jeanine showed you, but if you plan to wear it with beige or brown pants then you should wear a tie that have one of those colors in.
August 15, 2013
I would say go for a darker color, but stay far away from Brown or Black. They are too harsh and would take away from the orange. You could try a baby blue, for a more trendy look, but if not stick to a deep purple or blue. sophisticated and trendy
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Jeanine Festa
August 14, 2013
I would try a patterned tie that has orange in it, but is a little more toned down!
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Meili Wu
August 14, 2013
This black tie would go well with the bright orange of this shirt.
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Cindy Ya
August 14, 2013
I would try a grey or white! Something neutral that won't take away from the vibrant color of the shirt. You could try a patterned or textured tie in a neutral too!
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