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Jasmine Rillen  24 years old,



I'm a stylist & I want to better myself at styling, is there a way I can become one on here?

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November 22, 2013
Contact LOOKSIMA by email and ask that question then see where it goes from there! Anything is possible when you really want and try to make things happen. Good luck!
Elisa Zaccaria
April 1, 2013
Dear Jasmine, the way, according to me, to better yourself is study all that around you,people,architecture,design and all that open and inspire your mind.Watch the fashion show,new trends but especially see what people wear and imagine how you could improve.Leave you inspire from yourself and from your background.This is an amazing job, you create a emotion, sensation and lifestyle to other people.My personal advice is inspire yourself and always have fun!
Sara Moreno
Vigo, Spain.
March 28, 2013
Every practice makes you experienced. This website gives you the opportunity to discover what people like and how they like it making your own outfits and getting the attention from people because of your charisma. It is something that can help you to start to became a good stylist and to understand how the other stylists work too, as you can't never be the best of something if you don't know the competency.
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